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Officers & Board of Governors

The business of AACJ is carried on through the Executive Committee, the Executive Director, the permanent committees, various ad hoc committees that may be established from time-to-time and member volunteers. The Executive Committee is composed of five officers (voting members) and the chairs of the permanent committees (non-voting members).

Executive Committee


President -  Amy Kalman

President-Elect - Craig Rosenstein

Secretary - Adam Bleier

Treasurer - Mikel Steinfeld

Immediate Past-President - John Sears

Chairs of Permanent Committees

Amicus Committee – Mikel Steinfeld and David Euchner

Seminar Committee – Gary Kula and Emily Downs

Legislative Committee – Kathleen Brody and Craig Rosenstein

Membership Committee – Kathy Field and David Fuller 

Communications Committee – Adam Bleier

Indigent & Capital Representation Committee – John Canby, and Louis Fidel

Executive Director – Max Bessler

The Executive Director is employed by AACJ and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of AACJ, including seminar facilities planning and contracting, scheduling meetings and a full range of management and financial functions.

AACJ’s Board of Governors is responsible for the policy decisions that determine the current and future direction of the organization. Board members also serve as liaison to members in their communities and assist in recruiting new members. The Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month by teleconference. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

2017 Board of Governors:

Amy Kalman - President

Craig Rosenstein - President-Elect - Maricopa County

Adam Bleier - Secretary - Pima County

Mikel Steinfeld - Treasurer - Maricopa County

John Sears - Immediate Past President

Kathy Brody - Second Past President

Jim Belanger - Maricopa County

Amanda Bynum - Pima County

Julia Cassels - Maricopa County

Joel Chorny - Pima PD

Emily Downs - Maricopa PD

Louis Fidel -  Pima County

Kathy Field - La Paz County

Staci Foulks - Coconino County

David Fuller - Maricopa County

Keith Hilzendeger - Federal PD

Rebecca Johnson - Graham/Greenlee Counties

Jared Keenan - Yavapai County

Gary Kula - Maricopa County

Sarah Mayhew - Pima County

Kate Milewski - Pinal County

Kris Moe - Yuma County

Rhonda Neff - Maricopa

Robin Puchek - Mohave County

Jana Sutton - Maricopa County

David Thorn - Cochise County

Ron Wood - Apache/Navajo Counties

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